Gate Automation Systems

What are Automated Gates?

Automated gates are electric gates which can be opened and closed through a mechanism that’s activated through an intercom, key fob or other devices. Automated gate entry systems are a reliable component of a comprehensive approach to home and business security, and Ivory Security can maximise their effectiveness through linking them with access control systems. We can also set up automated gate systems that are manually operated or opened by an induction loop. In this function, induction loops are devices that sense the approach of vehicles and automatically open or close gates (depending on security parameters).

Our electromechanical gate operators can be designed to fit new or existing gates of various types, from wood to steel. Based on your requirements, and whether they concern aesthetics or sheer racticality, we can help you choose the best automated gate kit for your situation. We have a range of automated gate solutions for residential and commercial security, such as:

Underground Gate Automation

Underground gate automation systems are a popular form of gate automation kit. This is since the mechanism is almost entirely hidden from view, and thus more aesthetically pleasing.

Our installation process also ensures that sufficient drainage is provided to prevent water damage. This guarantees that your underground gate motor functions as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.

Swing Gate Automation

We have over ground swing gate automation kits in a variety of forms. Our swing gate automation kits are either operated by electromechanical arms, or ram arms that use pistons. These arms usually extend across the top or centre of the gate from the hinge, and are powered by a box that’s located at the end of the arms or on one side of the gate.

Sliding Gate Automation

Ivory Security can also provide sliding gate automation kits. Automated sliding gates are usually large and heavy. This means they can pose significantly more danger than swing gates. However, as HSE (health and safety executive) have noted, there are safety risks associated with all powered gates.

Ivory Security can ensure that your powered gates, including sliding gates, are installed with gate automation kits that have the appropriate safety devices. This includes an anti-crushing function that opens the gates when an obstruction is detected.

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