Intruder Alarm Systems

Ivory Security are intruder alarm experts, providing specialist advice and services for homes and businesses all over the world.

We take part in every part of the process that leads to your property benefiting from the security that only an intruder alarm system can provide. We offer a free site survey to recommend the best alarm system to suit your needs, and then design and install it.

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems provide effective property protection for a variety of reasons. Intruder alarms are undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary. Making use of this deterrent requires that you have a visible badge, shield or bell box on the front and back of your property to indicate that you have a burglar alarm system.

However, with statistics showing that police solve just 6% of residential burglaries in London, an area in which we specialise, it’s clear that domestic burglar alarms have to be more than a deterrent. We provide a range of alarms that vary in audio and visual intensity, from bells-only, to a combination of sirens and sounders. We can also install alarms that are monitored; this means that when an alarm is activated, selected people, usually those within close travelling distance, are informed automatically.

Our free site survey will take your budget, neighbourhood and preferences into account. For example, if aesthetics are important, wireless alarms tend to look neater than wired ones. By the end of the site survey, there will be no doubt as to what kind of burglar alarm system would provide the most effective protection for your home.

Commercial Alarm Systems

With official statistics from 2013 detailing that “burglary with entry” is the most costly crime incident for UK businesses, investing in comprehensive commercial alarm systems should be seen as a priority.
Our engineers at Ivory Security specialise in Intruder alarms for businesses, and every operation begins with a thorough security survey. This survey takes all security implications, including safes, into account. For example, for businesses who use safes to protect valuables overnight, we can install sensors on the inside that will activate the alarm if the safe is opened.

Other measures that we implement for the most effective business intruder alarms include intelligent monitoring solutions. This is due to the fact that alarms connected to a monitoring service are more effective for commercial properties than bells-only alarms. Furthermore, monitored alarms are almost always a requirement of insurance companies.

Our approach to alarm monitoring ensures that your commercial alarm system is prepared for anything. For example, intruders may cut the telephone wires before breaking in, which can render remote monitoring such as keyholder response completely ineffective. If we believe that your company is at risk of having the landline cut, we can provide wireless alarm monitoring.
Through combining our findings with your budget and preferences, we can achieve a cost-effective alarm system for your business.

Once the system has been installed by our fully trained engineers you will be given full training on the system to ensure you know exactly how it works.

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